Listed below are selected links to several mainstream media articles that have been written about my research. Enjoy!

Carbon Nanotube Loudspeakers

BBC Future – Nanotubes: Can we make speakers as thin as paper?  (28 Aug. 2013)

Football Crowd Noise

Philadelphia Enquirer – A Lions’ roar: Penn State’s home-field advantage (20 Apr. 2010)

Wired.comPenn State Footboall Pumps Up the Volume (6 May 2010) – Penn State to pump up the volume in 2011 (6 May 2010) – Penn State’s Audible Assault (26 Apr. 2010) – Penn State’s New Twelfth Man Is Science (6 May 2010)

The Michigan Daily – To prepare for Penn State’s ground-shaking crowd, Michigan turns practice down to a whisper (9 Oct. 2013)

Time Magazine Online – The Science of Sound: How Seattle Got So Darn Loud (17 Sept. 2013)