Below are a list of courses I am currently teaching or have taught in the past.

Current Courses Taught at Michigan Technological University (2014-Present)

MEEM 4704 – Acoustics and Noise Control (3 cr, offered every spring semester)

This is a senior level technical elective in Mechanical Engineering. In this course, students will earn the fundamentals of acoustics and how to apply those fundamental principles to noise control engineering problems. The course consists of two credits of lecture and one credit of laboratory where students complete hands-on experiments in noise control to reinforce classroom concepts. The course culminates in a group project where students solve a real-world noise control problem presented by an industry or university sponsor.

Past Courses Taught at Penn State University (2010-2014)

ACS 505 – Experimental Techniques in Acoustics

This graduate course offered through the Graduate Program in Acoustics teaches students properties of acoustical and vibrational transducers, electronic and other instrumentation used in fundamental data measurement, acquisition and analysis. Students are introduced to modern measurement techniques using NI LabVIEW, as well as tradition measurements using bench-top oscilloscopes and signal analyzers. Students compare introductory acoustics theory to real world measurements.

ME 440W – Mechanical Systems Design Project

This is the senior design capstone course in Mechanical Engineering. In this course students learn how to navigate through the design process by working on real-world problems from industry sponsors. Students learn management, scheduling, budgeting, writing, and presenting skills while applying their engineering design fundamentals. For more information on Penn State’s Capstone program, please visit the PSU Learning Factory.

ACS 519 – Fluid Structure Interaction

This graduate course offered through the Graduate Program in Acoustics focuses on the acoustic radiation from and effects of fluid-loading on vibrating infinite and finite plates and shells. We also discuss acoustic transmission through and reflection from elastic plates and shells, acoustic excitation of elastic plates and coupling between panels and acoustic spaces. This course is offered to on-campus students as well as distance education students in a blended setting.